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     Music and writing are the pillars of Frank's professional life. He sings, writes songs, lyrics and plays guitar-drums-piano. He writes poetry and short stories. 



     Gloria Vanderbilt/Exile Short Fiction Award, for his short story The Poet in 2011. Long listed for Gloria Vanderbilt/Exile Short Fiction Award 2013 for his short story It Was Their Time. 2013 also saw Frank's poetry suite From What Some Call the Resting Place and his poem Robin Poems longlisted for sections of the Gwendolyn MacEwen Poetry Prize.

     In honour of his music, writing and publishing lives, McMaster University inducted Frank into their Alumni Gallery in the early 1980's. 

AND more SUCH...
     Frank also taught school for many years. At one time, he was principal for a school dedicated to mentally challenged children. He has Specialist certification in special education. He is professionally qualified to work with the full range of children and their intrinsic abilities. This includes both the gifted and talented in the normal streams of life, as well as those outside this norm who happen to be mentally or physically challenged in some way.

     In January 2014, Frank sold one of his new short stories, Last Man Standing, to Exile Publishing's upcoming anthology Fractured: Tales of the Canadian Post-Apocalypse. Last Man Standing will also be published in June's ELQ: Exile, the Literary Quarterly, Issue 150. Due to ELQ's fine literary history, Frank considers this a grand honor. He is very grateful for this evolution. In April 2014, Frank's "Vegas Written" story called "My Last Story: Hemingway's Cigar or It Must Have Been In The Water"  was a semi-finalist for this year's CVC/Gloria Vanderbilt/Exile short story award. Both LAst Man Standing and My Last Story: Hemingway's Cigar or It Must Have Been In The Water were written at the Wynn in Las Vegas... 


     One of Frank's joys is acting here and there over his lifetime. Usually background parts such as an artist, a war vet, and one time as a rabbi.


     At age 58 Frank decided he wanted to pursue the martial arts. He now has his brown belt in Shotokan Karate. In order to protect his hands and feet, both and both plus his mouth needed for his singing and music careers, he must refrain from advancing in karate, at this time. He says he will get his black belt when he is too old to do anything else! And he probably will. P.S. As best as he can remember, Frank was born on Labor Day, September 4th, 1949. That's Labor and labor "both" figuratively and metaphorically and any other -ally- that wurks to spell a spell of fun by naht wurkingg :) .




"LUV... LAUGH... BE..."


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