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     Music and writing are the pillars in my professional life. I sing, write, make songs, do lyrics and play a guitar or a set of drums, a keyboard or a piano. I like to write short stories & poetry.       *

Ah... Luv Music Singing Performing. My Ontario license plate. Fun, eh !

              AWARDS 'n SUCH

In the 1980's McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario inducted me into their Alumni Gallery in honor of my music and writing. Nice, that! Much happened in the intervening years. More music. Lots of writing. Books 'n things. Lyrics 'n Songs. My love. A thrill in 2011 was being a first place winner for the Gloria Vanderbilt/Exile Short Fiction for my story The Poet.  Then in 2014, my long-g-g poem She Lay Herself Down was a finalist, Short Listed, in the Gwendolyn MacEwen/ExilePoetry Competition. You can read both The Poet  and She Lay Herself Down  here at my web site. Just click one of the "click thingys" on the upper left.


Enjoy the site, its stories, poems and sheer joy in existence. Be good to you and all you love. Love-Laugh-Be. Love Laugh-Be One More Time.



     In January 2014, I sold one of my new short stories, Last Man Standing, to Exile Publishing for their anthology Fractured: Tales of the Canadian Post-Apocalypse. Last Man Standing was also  published in June 2014's ELQ: Exile, the Literary Quarterly, Issue 150. Due to ELQ's fine literary history, I considers this a fine honor. I am very grateful for this evolution. In April 2014, my "Vegas Written" story called "My Last Story: Hemingway's Cigar or It Must Have Been In The Water"  was a semi-finalist for 2014's CVC/Gloria Vanderbilt/Exile short story award.I love Vegas & my dear friends there & miss it & them when I am away, sojourning on some other adventure of a literary kind, music-ary kind or life-kind. Both Last Man Standing and My Last Story: Hemingway's Cigar or It Must Have Been In The Water were written at the Wynnin Las Vegas... 2014 has seen me write a ton TON of new lyrics for anybody-somebody-a magical moment happening to put music too and a few with music by me to sing-a-ling song-thing to tooooo.



     One of my joys is acting here and there or in the midst of or prep or intro of a song. In terms of "pure" acting, I have done mainly background parts like being an artist wearing a beret and I had a big artist beard. And I played a war vet too. bear 'n all. And once... a rabbi ... beard too 'n long hair bunned under a hat. Only hair under hat. beard could'a reached tho! Aglow...


At the "Million Dollar Quartet" in Las Vegas, 2014.

While on a Disneyworld+++ Trip with my
daughter and two granddaughters in April, 2014.

Luv that place its vibe and all it stands for.4.And more.



     I had always wanted to study the martial arts. When I was "mature-ish", I began. Now I do study pretty much on my own, but with a brown belt in tow and in Shotokan Karate. I would like to move up in the Black Belt Ranks... but... but... but... gotta for now... protect my hands 'n feet 'n mouth, both-both and both :) for singing 'n playing instruments. You know, that music stuff I do :) . I am often asked, "How old are you?" "September 4th," I answer. "No... what year???" they say. "Get re-born every year :)" I say :) .

      Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy some of my work.









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