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This is a first production of


...has three editions. There  is "The Standard Edition" with Black & White photos throughout. "The Deluxe Edition" & "The Hardcover Edition" have colour photos on their interior.


The many photos in this book help tell the story.

     SHAMAN'S JOURNEY is... mystical, adventure of the imagination. This is a version of Kayolene's story, from the seeds of my novel-in-progress DAUGHTER OF THE SUN. This story follows Kayolene as she passes into womanhood, becoming a shaman and giving herself answers to some of the mysteries of life. And along the way, she obtains some understanding of her place in the universe, with a son on the way to carry on her destiny.


     This is a story of imagination... sought-thru-seeking... ...the paranormal in story writing. It is a journey we can all take, if we want to. Through the imagination. The imagination is powerful. A powerful reality. Maybe.




This book can be ordered from Amazon in any country Amazon has a web site or delivers to if your country doesn't have an Amazon designation. Other than the buttons above, if you need to order from other countries, go to that country's Amazon site & simply type in my name & the book title you're after, & it should pop up for you.

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