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© Frank Westcott 2021. All rights reserved & all that legal stuff.



There was a time

When listening to the wind

Was a way to answers

Finding direction

Some call it listening

To your call

On the wind

And messages travelled

& travelling there

On the wind

Of soul & air

Maybe it is time to listen

To the wind again

And hear our souls speak

And in listening to the wind

We hear ourselves speak too

And the beats from the heat of our hearts

And ears to the ground where sound

And the wind travels too and to

And back to us

On our heartbeats' footsteps

Sounds beating to our spirit-doors

In the cadences and on the oceans' tides

Reveling in the winds

We are listening to

From our dancing shores

Where seas and truths are simple things

Found in listening to the wind



One time, in recent time, times, I was being pensive, sensitive to things & moments & thoughts & more, & thinking how we, I, needed to just listen to the wind... hearing what was inside, & listening to that... not what was outside... so much... and then, and only then, return to listening in totality, both outside-&-inside, letting all permeate, & return, to total listening, aligning my thots, my listening, and especially my hearing with both with my soul & the outside world. If I could. And listen to that. Totally.  Only that. IN the listening. That listening. It was, for sure, time again... to LISTEN TO THE WIND. [LISTENING TO THE WIND  was first published in MOSAIC during-&-in the summer, issue 2019, for the quarterly & 10,000-plus circulation periodical-production of ASK, the Arts' Society of King. King is a township in Ontario, Canada.


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