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"Hi.. This is my granddaughter Jaidyn. She is twelve and loves to figure skate. That is her with a gold medal from a competition in November 2014. Her birthday is November 25th. That is when she turned twelve. I know, you figured that out already! Well.... she likes to draw, so I thot I'd put some of her pics up here. For fun.Yes, I know how to spell thought,. There it is. Or was till we got here. Oh... yeah... her pics. She sent them to me over her phone thing that takes pictures and you can talk on it and stuff. I forget what you call it. They used to call these in-the- air communciaction things smoke signals. But you needed a fire for the device to work right. And if a wind came along, your message got all mixed up with the clouds. And somebody in Hawaii would get it and you were sending your thots, oh I did it again, you thought you were sending your thoughts toBaffin Island wherever that is. Near Baffin I guess. Sure Baff-les me. Hear's, no here's her pics anyway."

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