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Frank Westcott

Copyright Frank Westcott, 2021. All rights reserved.


How many have tried and then cried? Let us cheer them with the roars of lions.


  Who have beaten

     The odds

         Inspire me.



   Who do something

      Bigger than themselves

         Inspire me.


     Who try then cry

         In loss and defeat and stand again

             Inspire me.


      Who walk into their futures

           And give meaning to their losses

              Inspire me.



     Who after these events

          Become tougher wiser unconquered

               Inspire me.

These People

      Who are graced with knowing

           Of pain from some source

                And who move beyond this pain

                      And use this pain to heal themselves

          And in so doing

                Open the inner doors for themselves

                     And in so doing help open these doors

                            For others to face their tragedies

                                 And heal too

     These People...




        People who...


            Have done...




             Whatever this It is


              Whether they do It quietly


                 And out of the limelight


         Or seem to have the capacity...

                 The grace and the destiny

                     To bring a star 

                         Out of the sky and radiate

                              To the world

                                  Something more

                                     These people inspire me

                                          You inspire me


     THE POEM'S BACKGROUND: Years ago now, a friend who was MC-ing a gig of mine asked what inspired me. You know, for background on what she might say between songs, or about me or… something. I thought about it & this poem emerged in its raw form, before being made whole, so to speak, in this version. And design. And layout. And with the dedication to my friend Kris. It is funny, no strange, how things evolve. Especially creativity. Of my kind that is. I let the seed-idea permeate, percolate & jell, in my brain & heart, letting my muse, no make that muses, tell the story or song, behind the scenes, as they see it, & it emerges, letting truth speak, what we all seek, I guess.   

                   ALL my BEST to YOU!   








...a poem

COURAGE was published in the U.K.'s Write Away Magazine, June 2021. Write Away Magazine was a magazine for songwriters. They published a lot of my stuff over a couple of years: stories, articles on music or entertainers & the odd poem.



This poem is dedicated to a Las Vegas friend, Kris Saknussemm. He is a man-of the-world in the true sense. The real sense. He has travelled everywhere, including the darkness. He has written much, photographed much, lived more. 


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